BD [bede]
feminine noun
( = bande dessinée) la BD comic strips
• une BD (dans un journal) a comic strip ; ( = livre) a comic book
• auteur de BD comic strip writer
* * *
(colloq) bede nom féminin: abbr bande
* * *
bede abr nf
1) bande dessinée (dans un journal) comic strip, (= livre) comic book

la BD — comics pl

Marguerite adore les BD. — Marguerite loves comic strips.

2) base de données DB
* * *
bd written abbr = boulevard 1.
nom féminin
{{ind}}→ {{link=bande}}bande dessinée{{/link}}
A common abbreviation for bande dessinée or comic book. Considered a serious and important art form in France, the comic book has become popular among teenagers and intellectuals alike. An annual festival of comic book art is held in Angoulême.

Dictionnaire Français-Anglais. 2013.

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